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Bus rental for shows in Madrid

When you work as a musician, actor, dancer or any other profession related to shows, it’s usual to have to travel a lot. These trips often involve, not only arriving on time to the destinations, but also transporting a type of luggage that, in addition to the suitcases for your personal stuff, might include the carry of sound equipment, instruments and scenery materials. For this reason, at Najera Bus we offer buses and mini buses for rental so that you can simplify the logistics involved in moving the members of a dance, theater or music group from one place to another during a tour, as well as the technical and production team. We adapt to the specific needs of your route, offering flexibility to choose schedules, number of passengers and destinations.

Transportation for music bands

If you are a member of a musical band, the most comfortable way to travel when you have to go to concerts is to rent a bus that picks you up and takes you directly to the place where it will be held. When you give a concert, not only it’s necessary to spend time rehearsing the songs that will be performed during the event, but also you will have to invest time & effort preparing the trip, since you must consider how to transport instruments, sound amplifiers, microphones, mixers, cables, etc. adapters, clothing and other materials needed for the event.

An easy solution that will allow you to save time and reduce stress is to rent a bus at Najera Bus and our driver will drive your group and you directly from your homes or rehearsal place, to the concert. This way, you will arrive quicker and more direct, with the extra advantage of being able to load all the luggage at a time and leave immediately to your destination. In addition, once there, you can also count on our services to carry out transfers from the hotel to the concert venue, guaranteeing the comfort, safety and punctuality of all members.

buses para giras de conciertos

Transfers for theater and dance companies

A large number of artists often participate in theater and dance performances, which in terms of how to transport a large group of people, can be quite challenging when starting a tour or performing in another city. Besides, we not only have to take into account the transportation of the group, but also all the clothing, scenery materials, sound and graphic equipment, etc., that will be used during the show.

Trusting that the public transport choices available will fit with our travel plan, providing us a suitable departure and arrival time, the right number of seats available needed and an acceptable ticket cost per passenger, is a risky option that will probably give us more of a headache.

Nevertheless, booking buses to transport the team is a solution that offers you multiple advantages, such as the possibility to transfer all the company employees at the same time, avoiding possible delays and transport cancelation, choosing the schedules for departures and arrivals, adapting the travel route to your needs and wishes, as well as carrying all the luggage you need with you. It’s an ideal option to save time, money and effort.

Private buses for orchestras

Traveling is also a constant in the life of orchestral musicians. They offer concerts in various theaters and auditoriums, sometimes linking performances in different destinations each day. The transport of these types of groups can be especially challenging, since a large number of instruments of different sizes have to be transported, which also require special care when traveling. Likewise, we must consider that the number of musicians that make up an orchestra may vary according to the works to be performed, which may mean that we have to transport between 50 and 90 musicians plus their corresponding instruments, music stands and materials.

For this reason, renting buses to transport the musicians of an orchestra to concerts is an option that adapts very well to the level of needs and flexibility that this type of group requires, ensuring the comfort and safety of all passengers during the trip.