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Bus rental for tailor-made trips

Traveling allows us to get to know the history of our ancestors, customs, traditions, gastronomy and other ways of living. It is an experience that always fascinates and leaves you wanting more. When planning our trip, transportation is one of the key aspects that we have to consider, depending on the type of experience we are looking for and the time we have.

Normally, the preferred and most frequented means of transport by people when traveling is the plane or the car. However, there is a less popular, cheaper and more flexible option for all those eager to see the world: tailor-made bus trips.

Why is taking a private bus trip an interesting option?

Among all the advantages it offers, we can highlight:

  • Personalized itinerary: Adapt the route to your wishes and interests. You can choose and include in the route each and every one of the places you would like to visit, planning in detail all the stops on the route to make the most of every second of your trip.
  • Flexibility: Decide when, from where and at what time you want to leave and return from each place at all times during the trip.
  • Comfort: Forget having to drive or be aware of watching suitcases and making transfers. Traveling by private bus allows you to enjoy the trip comfortably, reserving the energy to discover new places.
  • Safety: The experience and professionalism of Najera Bus drivers will allow you to enjoy a safe trip at all times.
alquilar autobus para excursiones

Transport for senior travels

It is common for groups and associations of the elderly, to plan cultural outings and trips to visit points of historical interest, attend festivities and hold meetings and gatherings. The most suitable way of transport for this group is the bus, since it offers options of comfort, flexibility and safety that are adapted to their needs and travel preferences.

At Najera Bus we offer bus rental services of different sizes, as well as minibuses equipped with all necessary to guarantee a pleasant trip for passengers.

alquilar autobuses para tercer edad

Private buses for excursions

When we go on an excursion, we are flooded with that typical illusion of when we were a child and went to school with the joy of knowing that was a special day that breaks the routine. But to achieve that our journey goes as smoothly as the excursions we remember from our childhood, we need to plan it properly.

Apart from choosing the destination and the activity that we are going to carry out, it is essential to think about how we will get there. Renting a bus for our excursion is a transport option that adapts very well to any circumstance and specific travel requirement we may have, since it allows us to transfer large and small groups, decide the time of departure and return, the stops we want to do, the pick-up and stop places, as well as having the advantage that all passengers can travel together to make the journey a part of such a memorable day.

At Najera Bus we offer private bus transportation services for all types of excursions, such as:

  • Green and alternative tourism.
  • Camps.
  • Countryside stays.
  • Cultural visits.
  • School excursions.
  • Gastronomic routes.
  • Sports activities.
  • Thematic routes.
  • Festivities, fairs, parades and regional and local festivals.
  • Meetings of clubs, associations and teams.
  • Spiritual and religious encounters.
  • Concerts and shows.

If you would like to rent a bus for another type of excursion, do not hesitate to contact us and we will adapt to your requests so that you can enjoy the best tourist trips by road, always counting on our team of professionals.