Confort for all your employees

Bus rental for companies

In companies, it is usual to attend and organize various events during the year, such as meetings, parties, business trips and congresses, which require moving employees and guests to the meeting place. Hiring a bus to transfer the group is an effective solution that will help to facilitate the event organization, as well as offer comfort and safety to attendees.

Private transport for congress

When a group of employees will attend a congress, it is necessary to plan correctly how to transport the attendees to the event. On the one hand, we should organize the arrival and return to the place of the event, as well as the transfers from the hotel to the facilities during the days in which the meeting is held.

On the other hand, various challenges may arise in terms of the different circumstances our attendees may have. For example, it is possible that not all employees have their own vehicle to get to the event, that we can’t count on adequate public transport options to get there, or that the congress schedules require special timing for transfers.

Renting a bus to take our employees to the congress is a solution that will provide us with the flexibility and comfort we seek, since it allows us to adapt to the specific needs of the event and of our attendees.

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Bus shuttle for workers

There are times when the facilities of a company are far from the city or in areas where there are no suitable public transport options. For this reason, many companies choose to rent buses to transport their employees to the workplace.

This service consists of establishing one or several departure points throughout the city, as well as a departure/arrival schedule so that workers can get on the bus from different locations and arrive directly at the office, as well as returning home.

Bus shuttle for employees saves time and stress for our workers, especially those who do not have a personal vehicle or live in areas where it is necessary to do multiple transfers to go by public transport. In addition, this kind of transportation has the advantage of being a comfortable, safe and sustainable option, since traveling by bus is less pollutive than driving your own vehicle.

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Transfers for corporate events

Companies often organize different types of corporate events, either for their employees or for their clients. It is common to organize quarterly or annual meetings with workers from different departments, offices or company headquarters, to encourage team building, share experiences, challenges and achievements, as well as define future strategies and projects.

An example is the Christmas celebration, one of the most popular and extended events in offices that has been a tradition for decades in the workplace.

For this type of event, it is advisable to reserve a bus to pick up the guests and transfer them to the place of the celebration, as well as to take them back home safely after a festive and intense celebration.

Private transportation for business trips

When you go on a business trip, you often need to catch the first plane or train in the morning and return late at night. Besides, you will also have to arrive as soon as possible from the airport or station, to the office where the meeting is organized, sticking to a very tight schedule of activities.

These types of trips can be very stressful, since besides being aware of the transport, you probably will have to continue working during the trip. For this reason, booking a bus to take from the airport or train station, to the office or meeting point, and vice-versa, it’s a good way to save time and reduce stress when you travel for business purposes.

Este tipo de viajes pueden ser muy estresantes, ya que además de estar pendiente del transporte hay que concentrarse en el trabajo durante el transcurso del día. Por ello, alquilar un autocar para realizar los transfers de llegada y regreso de los vuelos o trenes, es una buena forma de ahorrar tiempo y reducir estrés durante el viaje.