From your front door to the school

School bus rental in Madrid

If you need to organize a school trip, renting a bus is a comfortable and safe option to transport the students. At Autocares Najera, we offer you different transportation services for schools, institutes and other educational centers. Our buses are equipped with seat belts in all seats, ABS safety brakes, ARS anti-skid, climate control, GPS and DVD to guarantee the comfort and safety of children. In addition, we can work with teachers to plan and coordinate the routes, adapting them to specific needs.

Buses for daily school routes

Taking children to and from school can be a difficult routine to fit in many parents’ lives. Many times, mothers and fathers start working before the schools’ classes begin, and they finish after the school day is over,  making it impossible to coordinate schedules. However, a solution that both schools and parents can consider to balance their routines and family conciliation, is to rent a bus to transport the children to school.

This service allows adapting the route and pick-up times of the students in different points of the town, to take them from home to school and vice versa, with the greatest security and flexibility.

Transport for school excursions

During the school year, various excursions are carried out to complement the learning of certain subjects, as well as to promote and strengthen relationships between classmates. Visiting museums, historical places, farms, amusement parks and other destinations with educational interest, are some of the regular activities organized by teachers and professors for students of different courses of an education center.

As these school excursions require taking students from school to the place of the visit, booking a bus to transfer the group is an option that will allow us to adapt the trip to our specific needs in terms of schedule and number of passengers, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe journey for the children and teenagers.

alquiler bus colegio madrid

Buses for end-of-year trips

When students finish a school stage, it is a tradition to organize an end-of-year trip to celebrate it. Renting a bus for the trip is a possibility that allows us to transport the group directly from the place of departure to the hotel, and from the hotel to the different points of visit, with the ease of always having a transport that adapts to the needs and possible contretemps of students.

In addition, booking a bus for this type of trip presents a series of advantages that we won’t find in public transport, such as the possibility to customize the route 100% to our requirements and choices, choosing the schedules, timing, and destinations according to our plan trip.

Traslados para actividades extraescolares

Every day, after finishing school, many students attend extracurricular activities to continue learning and developing other skills. Going to dance classes, karate, language lessons, learning to play an instrument or joining a sports team, are some of the most popular activities. But participating in these classes requires parents to be available during the afternoon to drop off and pick up their children, making it difficult to coordinate schedules with other tasks of their jobs and household.

For this reason, renting a bus is an alternative that allows adapting the planning of families, since a private driver will transport the children so that they can go to and from home to these classes just on time.

Transportation for swimming lessons

Many schools offer students the opportunity to learn how to swim. To do this, they take them to the pool several times a month to receive swimming lessons taught by professionals. As it is an activity that is usually carried out during school hours, it is important to consider how we will transport the students. Renting a bus is a flexible, safe and effective method of dropping off and picking up students on time to continue with the rest of the classes.