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Bus rental for weddings in Madrid

Your wedding day is a unique moment that will remain in your memory forever. Both the bride and groom and guests should enjoy the celebration, focusing on savoring each moment. Therefore, it is essential to plan in advance all the ins and outs of the wedding to ensure that that day everything is ready to share an unforgettable experience with our loved ones without moments of stress or setbacks.

Transportation is usually one of the most important issues to consider when organizing these types of events. Renting buses for wedding guests is an increasingly common and widespread option among couples who are getting married. That is why at Najera Bus we have a wide variety of buses and minibus for weddings in the Community of Madrid. We offer personalized transfers adapted to the needs of your celebration.

Transportation for weddings in the Community of Madrid

Getting married in Madrid has a special charm, but we must also take into account aspects such as traffic and the distance between our guests’ homes and the celebration place. Whether the wedding is held in the capital, in the mountains or any city or town in the region, Najera Bus puts at your disposal its bus rental services to transport the guests during the event.

Do you want to know what the advantages are?

  1. Choose the location you like the most: Have you fallen in love with that charming country house on the outskirts of Madrid? Don’t worry. At Najera Bus we pick up your guests wherever you need it to help to make your dream come true.
  2. Ensure attendees’ punctuality: Transferring your guests by bus during the wedding is a good way to assure that everyone arrives on time to witness such a special day.
  3. Protect your guests: Even in celebrations as romantic and emotional as weddings, safety still comes first. Therefore, renting a bus service is the best way to ensure that our guests return home safely.
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Transfers from the wedding ceremony to the reception

In both religious and civil weddings, it is common for the bride and groom to say “yes, I want to” in a different place than the celebration will be held. Many choose to get married in the church, town hall or court of their town and continue with the banquet in a restaurant located on the outskirts or even in another municipality.

At Najera Bus we offer you transportation service throughout the wedding, not only at the beginning and end of the event. We adapt the route to the specific needs of your celebration, transferring the guests from their homes to the ceremony, from the ceremony to the banquet and from the banquet back home.

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Private minibus with driver service in Madrid

Are you going to celebrate an intimate wedding accompanied only by your closest loved ones? Do your friends come by plane and need a transfer from the airport? Some of your relatives don’t know how to drive? If you want to rent transport for your wedding, but you do not need as many seats as available on a bus, at Najera Bus we also offer you minibus services for smaller groups of guests. These services are available in the Community of Madrid and also have a private driver, who will transfer the event attendees safely and professionally.