Going to a concert has never been so easy and comfortable

Bus rental for events in Madrid

When we organize an event, properly planning the transport of the attendees is essential to guarantee the success of the celebration. Renting a bus to transfer guests is a comfortable, safe and efficient option that will allow us to save time in logistics and minimize possible setbacks. It is important to know approximately the number of attendees who will attend the event, in order to estimate the number of seats or buses that will need to be reserved.

At Najera Bus we have a large fleet of vehicles composed of buses and minibusses equipped with safety and comfort systems to guarantee an optimal trip for each passenger

Transportation for private parties and celebrations

Every year we go to numerous parties and celebrations in which the way of getting to the event’s place is often a challenge difficult to solve, either because we do not have our own vehicle, there is no public transport service or connections are not accessible or fit our needs. When we attend a wedding, it is common to book buses to transport guests. But the truth is that this transport service is not exclusive to weddings and can be hired for any other type of event.

Whether we are going to a communion, a baptism, a retirement party, a birthday, a bachelor or bachelorette party, as well as any other type of private party, renting a bus to transfer the guests is an ideal option that will allow all attendees enjoy every moment of the event to the fullest without having to think about how to return home after an intense and copious day or night of celebration.

Private buses for sports teams and activities

Sports teams and athletes participate annually in a multitude of championships, tournaments and sporting events that require traveling to different locations in Spanish geography and even abroad. For this reason, choosing to rent buses and minibusses to make these trips is a simple and comfortable way to attend these events.

Traveling by bus you can guarantee that athletes arrive on time for matches or competitions, as well as to adapt the route to the specific needs of each moment according to the circumstances of each day. In addition, thanks to the comfort of our vehicles, players will be able to rest and relax during the journey to reach the sporting event concentrated and prepared to give their best.

alquiler autobus para equipos

Transfers for concerts and theater plays

If you are one of those who does not miss a concert by your favorite singers and groups, or those who are passionate about seeing all the most relevant theater performances and classical music concerts on the scene, you will be used to having to manage the complicated challenge of fitting schedules of trains, planes and public buses to be able to arrive at the places where the show will be held.

At Najera Bus we take you to your cultural encounters. With our bus and minibus rental service, we take care that you and your group of friends can go to each and every one of the concerts and theaters of the season that interests you.

When traveling by private bus, you can adapt the trip to your needs, deciding the time and place or places of departure for passengers. In addition, you can choose if you prefer our driver to pick you up at the place of the event after the end of the show, and take you directly back home, or if you prefer, he can bring you to the hotel or accommodation and wait until the next day to start the back home journey. Tell us your preferences and we will customize the tour for you.